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The two most prominent peoples of Europe, the Celts and the Germans, are remarkably similar.  While their unique cultures and distinctive histories certainly must be acknowledged and respected, their fundamental unity demands our attention.  According to highly respected scholar Hilda Davidson, author of Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe, we can speak of a common indigenous European religion, of which the Germanic and Celtic religions were (and are) specific manifestations.

The Europeans still owe eighty-five to ninety percent of their genetic makeup to the earliest hunter-gatherers to inhabit the area.  In that sense, Europe is one.  The fact that many of us share both Celtic and Germanic heritages may indeed make us "general northern European," but that is hardly the same as saying we are "Heinz 57" or, worse yet, "mutts."  Europeans must not allow themselves to be divided by superficial differences when their similarities are so much more important.

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