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Change Yourself!

What are you doing about your personal evolution?  It's easy to go with the flow, but we change for the better only by conscious effort and a deliberate plan.  So what does it matter, really?  If our spiritual life is good enough for us personally, isn't that enough?

Well, not really.  Asatru will be what we make it.  If we are not evolving  -  if we are not wise and strong, if we are lot living "lives of worth," Asatru will be weak.  If on the other hand we have developed spiritually, mentally and, yes, physically, Asatru will reflect those things.  We owe it to our Gods, our ancestors, our descendants yet to be born...and to ourselves...to be the best that we can be.

This podcast will give you pointers on how to work on your own evolution.  Change yourself and you will change thousands!

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