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About Asatru Rising

Asatru Rising chronicles the victorious emergence of Asatru  -  a native European religion  -  in the modern world.  After many centuries of repression and neglect, the faith that came from the heart and soul of the Germanic people is once again among us!  Far from being outdated, its eternal truths are as relevant to us today as they were to our ancestors in Europe for so many thousands of years.  Once again, we are free to experience the connection, the wisdom, the power  -  the joy! -  of our ancient ways.

Indeed, Asatru is rising.  But more than that, the European-descended peoples themselves are rising to reclaim their destiny, casting off the accumulated ages of spiritual slavery.  Odin wanders Midgard, Thor wields his hammer, and the lovely Freya enchants our hearts.  At last, the awakening has begun!  Wondrous days await us!